They have the same field of activities. They both work in the area of posting which includes sending documents and samples. With the difference that TPG is a private company and in regards with sending shipment, it will be delivered to destination in the shortest possible time. زمینه ی فعالیت یکی هست و هردو در حوزه ی پستی و ارسال اوراقا و نمونه کالا هست با این تفاوت که شرکت تی پی جی یک شرکت خصوصی است و ارسال بسته ها با این شرکت در کمترین زمان ممکن در مقصد تحویل می شود.
By considering the destinations it would usually take 7-10 working days, for instance 4-6 working days for Dubai or 6-9 working days for Europe, etc.
Yes, TPG by the execution of certain steps for the right packaging according to the type of goods, will deliver such shipment.
It would be possible to send either with your presence (coming to company’s address) or without your presence (by only one call with our company and customer service department, everything will be coordinated for receiving the package from your door)
Yes, you can track your shipment instantly by entering the number mentioned on the AWB of your parcel in the tracking section of our website.بله، با واردکردن شماره مندرج در قبض بسته ارسالی در قسمت رهگیری وب سایت این شرکت می توانید به صورت لحظه ای بسته های خودتون رو رهگیری کنید.
Yes, this is possible to send, there are some specific circumstances to send these types of shipment which customer service and export departments will respond you in details.
No. Unfortunately neither TPG nor any other courier companies are allowed to send valuable metals like Gold, Silver and precious stones.
Unfortunately, sending medicines by courier companies is prohibited.
To all over the world, north of Europe, Middle East, USA and Canada
Yes we can send to the all provinces, for more information please call 54782000 Ext.1
Normally, all provinces will be served in 24 hours. For more information, please call 54782000 EXT.1.
It depends on the destination city and the weight of your consignment. For more information please call 54782000 Ext. 122 or 118.
No. Our pickup men will be attended in your address which is one of the services provided by TPG.
Yes. To find out how to receive documents, please call 54782000 Ext. 125.
Yes, this is possible to import from all countries, for more information please call 54782000 Ext.119 & 124.
Yes, we provide these services with specific circumstances. For more information, call 54782000 Ext. 120.
Yes, we can provide this service, for more information please call 54782000 Ext. 117 & 123