Tender Documents

Several tenders in different fields including constructions, industries, and services are put out throughout the country daily. And, transporting the documents for various projects from different parts of the country, to be sure, would be both costly and time-consuming. In as much as our main concern is our customers’ welfare, TPG, the International And Domestic Express,has provided a number of services in order to facilitate transporting tender documents. The only thing our customers need to do is to contact TPG head office in order to take out this service. Our staff will help with arrangements for this service by presenting a staff member of ours who is familiar with your business to be your representative in this case. Immediately after a letter of introduction is prepared and sent to our fax number 0098-21-88887202 or 0098-21-88666640 by the customer, the documents will be picked up from the ordered place and delivered to the ordered place in 24-48 hours by our agents.